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I create and help you to execute well-rounded training programs that show results. 

When we first meet I take you through a full health history report and movement screen. The FMS (functional movement screen) allows me to see imbalances, dysfunction or lack of strength through certain patterns. These techniques allow me to understand why you move the way you do. The screening process allows us to see the chance of injury during a workout. I implement corrective exercises (if needed) to lessen the likelihood of injury and get you moving properly. After our first session is complete, I use the information we collected, your goals and my knowledge to create a program that is written specifically for YOU.  

We'll work with simple methods that yield complex results to achieve



When you have the ability to move well, we  implement tools such as; kettlebells, ropes, resistance bands, sleds and med-balls in order to meet your goals. 


Depending on your needs for the day, a session may look something like this:

-DMS (foam roller or THERAGUN)

-warm up: dynamic movements in supine (laying on your back), kneeling and standing positions 

-power and speed (med- ball slams, bounding and jumping, ladder drills)

-strength and mobility with cardio intervals

 "A good session is a little of what you want and a little of what you need."


My Approach: Services
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